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Axesun Inc. Announces that it intends on becoming a Water Technology Company.

Axesun Inc. announces that it intends on changing businesses to become a Water Technology Company.

December 1, 2020 — Axesun, Inc. (“Axesun” or the “Company”), which is a company in development of multi-application software for precious metals, is pleased to provide a corporate update.

The Company previously announced on June 24, 2020 that it had phased out its precious metals based media which provided news, charts, information and analysis to viewers through its social media outlets. It was announced that the Company had directed its focus on becoming a platform Company for precious metals. After careful consideration, the Company believes it is in the best interest to forgo the plan of becoming an educational and informational platform for precious metals. We are convinced that there is a significant opportunity ahead in the precious metals sector, however the Company has been unable to capitalize on such opportunity, and will discharge its assets in pursuit of switching industries. After experiencing challenges relating to funding, organization and implementation, the Company has agreed to sell select intellectual property, rights and ideas to its sole director Ian McArthur in exchange for future considerations relating to the Company. Ian McArthur will retain intellectual property, rights and ideas related to the Company, and may choose to act as a consultant for such going forward.

The Company announces that it intends on changing businesses to become a Water Technology Company. It is our belief that the most precious resource in the future will be water, and we seek new and empowering long term water projects. The Company has recently acquired assets related to water and will optimize and develop its strategy relating to water and technology in the upcoming months and years ahead.

The Company will call a meeting for the purpose of approving, among other matters: a) a potential name change and b) an amendment to the articles of incorporation. The Company will continue to reduce costs and optimize its own structure for the future. The Company will update its website once an acceptable name has been approved.

Axesun’s website will be updated on a regular basis with news, and information on business activity, corporate milestones, events, including any investor and financial information.

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