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Axesun Inc. 2020 Corporate Update

Axesun Inc. 2020 Corporate Update

June 24, 2020 — Axesun, Inc. (“Axesun” or the “Company”), which is a company in development of multi-application software for precious metals, is pleased to provide a corporate update for 2020 and an outlook for its upcoming fiscal 2020-2021 year.

Over the course of the 2019 year, the Company continued its precious metals focused media providing news, charts, information and analysis to viewers through its social media outlets. The Company examined several resources and companies that it believes would be valuable within a digital platform based around physical precious metals.

During the beginning of 2020 the Company began phasing out its media in order to direct its focus solely on becoming a ‘Platform Company’. The Company believes there is a significant opportunity in the precious metals sector in the years ahead. The Company is interested in developing a digital ecosystem that offers access to a multitude of educational and informational resources for precious metals. Digital platforms will play an integral role for banks and financial institutions in the future and we expect to capitalize on building a platform that will provide real, long term value to readers, customers, investors, partners and companies within the industry.

The company believes it is in the best interest for its continued growth to seek strategic partner(s) that are better able to develop and finance its application. The Company is seeking to restructure, aiming at creating a leadership team that can better develop the information technology needed. As we progress into our 5th year in operation we are committed towards achieving our goal in developing a successful platform that will play a pivotal role in connecting future precious metals technologies.

The Company will update its website by the end of the fiscal year and will reach out to an application development company at the beginning of its upcoming year.

Axesun’s website will be updated on a regular basis with news, and information on business activity, corporate milestones, events, and investor and financial information.

About Axesun, Inc.

Axesun’s business is to develop a multi-application software platform for precious metals. For more information on the Company, its products and services, visit:

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